paula deen ad

*A new ad for Lady & Sons, the restaurant Paula Deen owns in Savannah, features a “mammy figure” ringing a dinner bell – recalling the stereotypical, plus-sized, maternal caretaker that rose in popularity during and after slavery…alerting the family that dinner was ready.

According to, the ad is meant to promote the restaurant’s new hours of operation. However, a group on Facebook sees the ad’s racist undertones as an extension of Deen’s previous racial drama.

“Paula Deen longs for the antebellum south when blacks, especially black women were non-threatening servants,” reads a post on the Facebook page ForBlackWomenOnly (see below).

According to a Deen spokesperson, the image depicted in the ad is not new, but has been used on the restaurant’s website for “five years.” The restaurant further explains, “the lady featured in the picture has worked at the restaurant for over 17 years and is like family to the Deens.”