Pharrell Reveals Personal Impact of Michael Brown Shooting*The color green can be found without any problem as Pharrell Williams lands on the cover of the November 2014 issues of Ebony magazine.

The super producer opens up on various topics for the publication that range from his love of Black women to how the Michael Brown shooting struck a nerve with him as a black man, husband father.

“I don’t talk about race since it takes a very open mind to hear my view, because my view is the sky view. But I’m very troubled by what happened in Ferguson, Mo,” Williams told Ebony regarding the tragedy in Ferguson, MO. “When things like that happen, we need to be a united cell. We need connective tissue to be linked by spirit and spirituality.”

“For every individual who gets killed, someone should build a school or teach a child,” he continued. We really need to balance things with positivity.”

Continuing on the positive train, Williams addressed critics who had something to say about the lack of black women on the cover and promo materials of his latest album “G I R L.” According to the entertainer, black women were actually involved in promoting and working on the album.

“I love Black women,” says Williams confessed. “If you don’t think I love Black women, then you don’t understand me.” He continues to add, “I have obsessed over Black women since the days of Jayne Kennedy, Beverly Peele and Roshumba Williams. Those are the women I daydreamed about growing up.”


(Pharrell Reveals Personal Impact of Michael Brown Shooting)