Ray Rice Back on the Field This Season - Ray Rice Back In The NFL This Season

*After all the hub bub and domestic abuse drama, look who just might be back in the NFL before the season is over.

Yep, former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice might actually be able to suit up for another team and return to the playing field prior to Thanksgiving Day.

Here’s what Newsy is reporting:

According to a CBS NFL Insider, legal analysts say Rice has an “exceedingly strong case” for reinstatement when he appeals the suspension handed to him by commissioner Roger Goodell.

Rice was suspended indefinitely from the Ravens after allegations he punched his then-fiancée in the face in the now-infamous elevator incident that sparked national outrage.

Rice’s legal team is reportedly expected to move on the appeal quickly and the 27-year-old could potentially wind up on another team “within the next four weeks.”

The reasoning? According to recent changes to NFL policy, a first domestic abuse offense is punished with a six-game suspension.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is currently in the midst a thorough investigation into the Ray Rice case, but CBS says it’s unlikely anything will come to light before the appeal.

Plus, to no surprise, Rice’s legal team reportedly has no intentions to wait around for those findings to be presented, as they could jeopardize whether he’d be allowed to play.

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(Ray Rice Back on the Field This Season – Ray Rice Back In The NFL This Season)