Blackface-Ray-Rice-Janay-Palmer-Halloween-costume*For many people, domestic violence is nothing to joke about. But apparently, there are others who have chosen to make light of the issue for Halloween.

Media sources report that many people are planning to dress up as Ray Rice, with some going so far as to don blackface and have a doll or an actual woman dressed as the embattled athlete’s battered wife Janay.

The costume controversy is the latest development surrounding domestic violence after a video that featured Rice dragging his wife out of a casino elevator after punching her unconscious came to light in February. The actual footage from the incident that was leaked in September resulted in an indefinite suspension for the former Baltimore Ravens player.

Although the “Ray Rice costume” is starting to gain popularity with folks looking for a costume to wear for Halloween, Janay Rice is one person who isn’t in favor of the choice.

“It’s sad, that my suffering amuses others,” she recently tweeted.

Ray Rice Halloween costumeSo what say you? Does Janay Rice have a point or is it OK for people to make light of her situation? Sound off below.