Russell Wilson Not  Black Enough

*If you’ve been following the current Super Bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks, you know they recently traded receiver Percy Harvin to the NY Jets.

OK, that in itself is not exactly a big deal. Trades happen every day. But if you look deeper at the trade, more information about the dynamics of the team’s locker room are being reported.

In a story from Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, it is suggested that there was a divide in the locker room among Seahawks supporting quarterback Russell Wilson, and players who supported Harvin. Freeman even suggests that some players believe the QB is not black enough.

Freeman says the Seahawks traded Harvin because of “increasing animosity” between the former Vikings wide receiver and their Super Bowl-winning quarterback. This should not come as a surprise; Lance Zierlein of Sports Talk 790 in Houston reported last week that Harvin nearly fought Wilson this season. He also says some players feel Wilson is too close to the front office, which is probably another way of saying that Wilson is a favorite of the organization. Freeman also reports that some teammates are irked by Wilson not always taking blame for mistakes he makes.

The real explosive aspect here is what Freeman says about the racial issue:

There is also an element of race that needs to be discussed. My feeling on this—and it’s backed up by several interviews with Seahawks players—is that some of the black players think Wilson isn’t black enough.

It’s unclear whether the not “black enough” part is a thought held by Freeman and shared with players who either agreed or disagreed with his hypothesis, whether Freeman saying that is just him deducing based on what has been told to him, or whether some players have outright said it to him.

Wow. Interesting. Read the full story at MSN Sports.


(Russell Wilson Not Black Enough)