*Darren Wilson’s version of what happened regarding Michael Brown’s fatal shooting isn’t sitting too well with the Rev. Al Sharpton.

According to Business Insider’s Colin Campbell, the activist/MSNBC host’s conflict with Wilson’s version stems from a New York Times report that was released last week. Speaking at a National Action Network rally on Saturday in Ferguson, Sharpton repeatedly scolded rioters for trying to seek justice through unjust and criminal means while addressing the report and a pattern he found regarding how those who have shot black teenagers defended themselves.

“We were involved in Trayvon Martin. We were supportive of Jordan Davis. The strange thing is that all of them used the same excuse… The only gun there was Darren Wilson’s! Strange parallels with all of these cases,” he said while asking how the incident start in the first place as well as “why are you trying to tell me that a man… ran back at you when he knew you had the gun and you already shot him?”

Sharpton’s comments come as he plans a four-day “Michael Brown Weekend.” Mediaite.com reports the event is scheduled to run from October 31st to November 3rd.

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