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*The New Jersey NAACP held it’s annual membership event on Saturday and of all people, Republican Governor Chris Christie somehow got invited to speak. Put it this way, that didn’t go over too well with a huge n umber of delegates, according to

In his first address to the organization since he took office in 2010, Christie focused on bail reform and legislation passed last year that eliminated the requirement for New Jersey job applicants to disclose their criminal history.

But Deborah Gregory, president of the NAACP’s Newark chapter, was one of a number of NAACP officials unhappy with the governor’s presence. The Star-Ledger reports that Gregory stood outside the venue on Saturday protesting Christie’s appearance. She told the paper that the governor did not deserve to be invited.

“He has not availed himself for any type of dialogue with this or any other branches concerning his policies,” Gregory wrote in an open letter to the NAACP, according to The Star-Ledger. “To have him serve as keynote speaker is to simply listen without question.”

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Watch Chris Christie’s address to the NJ NAACP: