tiny and t.i.

*T.I. confirmed he did call Snoop Dogg and exchanged very few words about his social media attack on Iggy Azalea, and then they immediately started talking about something else.

“I just called big bro…,” T.I. told BET. “He was like, ‘I already know what you’re calling about. You already know we solid…based on that it’s over with. There ain’t nothing else to say, we good. It was really, truly as simple as that.’”

A feud between Snoop and Azalea started after he (Snoop) posted a photo of an Albino woman and called her Azalea. She responded with being disappointed in him.

But that was only the beginning! He compared her to the movie, “White Chicks.” And made videos calling all her kinds of names.

T.I. denied putting Snoop in his place though. He never checked the rapper over blasting Azalea nor did he tell him to leave her alone.

“I didn’t tell him or ask in him to apologize. He did all that out of the kindness of his heart because he felt it was justified,” T.I. said. “I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for Snoop…He paved the way, open doors and blazed the trails for cats like me.”

Tiny also weighed in on the beef — saying that it took her by surprise. But she ensured they were all good now and had squashed the beef.

“I was a little shocked. I know Snoop and Tip are really good friends,” she said while describing Azalea as a “good girl.” She added, “they hashed it out really cool.”

Watch T.I. interview with BET below: