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*In an interview with MTV News, T.I. explains that he “didn’t make Snoop [Dogg]” end his social media assault on Iggy Azalea.

“I have a huge amount of admiration and love and respect for [Snoop] and what he’s done for the game,” T.I. said.

The Atlanta artist added that he decided to step in only after the situation “became a public topic of discussion, when it stopped being between two people and it was being observed by the world now — and it was almost like people were tuning in to see just what was happening next.”

“Me and Snoop have a longstanding personal and professional relationship,” T.I. noted. This made their conversation easy: “When I called him, it was a very, very cordial and respectful… and he immediately said he knew what I was calling about and just assured me, ‘Man there’s nothing even to worry about.’ And we started talking about something else immediately.”

T.I. stressed that Snoop acted of his own will. He told MTV, “I didn’t ask, request, or demand for any post to be put up or apology to be extended, he did all of that out of the kindness and the goodness of his own heart.”

T.I. also said that the media plays a role in the situation escalating.

“People who promote propaganda, it benefits them and their ratings to keep up controversy, but that wasn’t the case at all.”

Watch T.I. speak on it below:

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