T-Pain A Raging Alcoholic After Auto-Tune Backlash

*T-Pain was well-known for his gimmick of using the auto-tune technique for popularity in hip hop and the music industry.

He inspired an array of artists to use auto-tuning in their music, but with over usage, he received a grip of backlash.

He opened up to Vibe about the negative response and how his decline in popularity over his use of auto-tuning had its impact on him.

“Around the time when people were hating on me about Auto-Tune, I was drinking as much as I could to get away from my problems, crying to myself,” he said.

He added, “I’ve almost lost fingers from punching glass and pictures. I turned into a raging alcoholic. If I could talk to myself then, I would say, “Stop trying to get approval from these wack ni**as that’s only gonna take your style.”

By spending so much time drinking and partying, he neglected his family by not spending time with them.

He said, “I could have been around my kids more. I was young, so I felt like I wasn’t ready to sit down and be a dad. My wife and daughter were living in Tallahassee, and I wanted to go out to the club and do all that extra shit. My wife would be like, “Can we come see you?” And I would be like, “Well, not this weekend because I’m going to the club.”

He admitted his last album wasn’t his best, but he is ready to get back to work – -proving he’s the best with the auto-tuning and that no other artist can match his style.

“I f**ked up on my last album because I listened to somebody else. I wasn’t proud of myself,” he said. “That’s not something I want to do anymore. No matter how many times people try to f**k with that Auto-Tune style, nobody’s done it better than me. And I’m still gonna be the best at this s**t no matter what.”


 (T-Pain A Raging Alcoholic After Auto-Tune Backlash)