Tank Ignites Dark Skin-Light Skin Debate With Twitter Question*The dark skin vs. light skin debate was once again ignited, courtesy of Tank who brought out all kinds of reaction upon asking one question.

“I have an honest question,” the singer tweeted. “What do dark skinned women have against light skinned women? Aren’t we all black at the end of the day??”

Although he didn’t mention why he went there, Tank noted the negative reaction his Facebook fans display towards his light-skinned girlfriend.

“You should check the comments on my page when I post my light skinned girlfriend and maybe you’ll understand the frustration!” wrote the entertainer.

And so began the twitter replies, as seen below:

Black women make men like you famous, are the main ones at your shows and routinely feel devalued by the color preferences. @TheRealTank

— Jamilah Lemieux (@JamilahLemieux) October 10, 2014

@TheRealTank the real question is what do you have against our dark skinned sisters Don’t ask questions your not willing to answer your self

— Khalilah (@lovelightme) October 10, 2014

@TheRealTank @Beewirks Why isn’t Oprah next to you to let you know you choosing the wrong path to set twitter aflame

— Hitachi Mishima (@ActionBastard) October 9, 2014

Tank’s response to the questioning?

I speak freely.. I fear no consequence.. I live and love my life.. #stronger

— Tank (@TheRealTank) October 10, 2014

So what say you EURwebians? We all know the light skin/dark skin debate has been going on forever amongst anyone with an urge to bring it up. Does Tank have a point in his observation or is the issue or is just trying to throw something out there for no real reason at all?

Sound off below with your thoughts:


(Tank Ignites Dark Skin-Light Skin Debate With Twitter Question)