Teairra Mari's Stupendous Live Performance FAIL

*Based on what we’re seeing on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” the situation is not exactly as good as it could be for singer Teairra Mari.

Most notably her relationship with Ray J is in the toilet and even though she wants to get back in the studio, her promoter/producer Sincere doesn’t like what he’s seeing right now.

“I hope she sound better than she look because right now, she’s looking crazy,” he said, commenting on her before she even took the stage.

It’s been six years since Teairra performed in L.A., and even she knows she’s got some work … no, a LOT of work to do. That became evident while she was performing her song “Touch Me.” She appeared to be winded and sounded like a cat screeching. Not good. Not good at all.

“It’s been a while since I sang with a live band. I can tell I’m having problems hitting some of the notes,” she said. “I know that wasn’t my best performance…I’m just getting warmed up.”

Sincere appears to be at the end of his rope with Teairra Mari and he let out exactly how he felt.

“This is a huge night for Teairra Mari. I mean I put my name on the line for this girl, so she better not f**k it up.” He began to slam her recent weight gain and choice of attire, “She look like she gained a couple of pounds. And those cat ears looking like Eartha Kitt.”

So what was her response? Check it out:

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(Teairra Mari’s Stupendous Live Performance FAIL)