The Real Ladies Address Need For And Lack of Pre-Nups

*To have a pre-nup or to not have a pre-nup. That’s been the hot issue this week as the ladies on “The Real” dished about their personal experiences regarding the topic.

In Tamar Braxton’s eyes, successful women should protect themselves with a prenuptial agreement because people become “unrecognizable” during a breakup. The singer went on to reveal that she and her husband Vincent didn’t sign a pre-nup before getting married because for them, divorce wasn’t an option.

“People become unrecognizable when you’re going through a breakup,” Braxton said. “I remember when my mother was saying that my father became unrecognizable, and this is the person she’s been with since she was 15 years old. I wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I wasn’t raised with a plastic one either. But at the end of the day, my parents built what they have now together. I think I took that to my own marriage.

“So Vincent and I, we don’t have a pre-nup because when we got married, we had a discussion and we discussed divorce is not an option,” she continued. “So, that will always be the last, last, last, last of the resort! Because I am a product of a divorce child and I didn’t like the way that made me feel.”

The pre-nup discussion on “The Real” was triggered as the ladies addressed Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s pending divorce and reported “iron-clad” agreement. According to reports, Carey is worth $500 million. Cannon is reportedly worth $20 million.

“Why would I marry somebody that I think, even in a breakup, would throw integrity and character aside?,” Adrienne Bailon said. “Pre-nups doesn’t sound romantic. You guys are planning your divorce before you get married and that’s something that’s really not romantic about that.”

Countering Braxton’s point, Tamera Mowry-Housley revealed that she and her husband Adam got a pre-nup after being advised to get one by their parents. In light of them having had their own money before getting married, the couple’s parents felt they had to protect themselves.

“Adrienne you have to be very smart. Breakups cause people to act crazy. Sometimes when people break up, they turn into the person that you didn’t marry. To me, it wasn’t not being romantic, it was being smart. Being wise,” Mowry-Housley explained.

“Our parents actually told Adam and I to get a pre-nup before we got married. I made my money before Adam and I got married and he made his money with the family winery. And they just wanted to protect that and it made me feel good because I knew that Adam wasn’t marrying me for my money and I wasn’t marrying him for his. So in our case, it was more about respect.”

To see the pre-nup discussion on “The Real”, check out the video below:


(The Real Ladies Address Need For And Lack of Pre-Nups )