Karrueche Tran: More than Chris Brown’s Girlfriend

Karrueche Tran & Chris Brown

*There’s more to Karrueche Tran than being Chris Brown’s girlfriend.

You wouldn’t know that if you read most of the tabloids.

I get it that the 26-year-old model became internationally known because she became Brown’s bae after the bad boy R&B star broke up with sultry pop superstar Rihanna after his much publicized beat down of her.

Tabloids make Tran one of their favorite subjects – speculating whether she is or isn’t dating Brown and what sources told them about their rocky on again off again romance that started in 2010.

Currently she is with him – recently accompanying the “X” singer when he put some bling on his mobile phone.

We see Tran always looking stylish with Brown. There’s a method to the way she puts her fabulous look together.

“The way I dress I don’t like crazy colors. I’m very simple. I like to keep it chic,” she said in an exclusive interview.

But, what’s going on beyond the Los Angeles native’s hair and high heels? What are her aspirations?

Tran is beginning to achieve her dream of being an actor. She appeared in TV One’s “The Fright Night Files” that will have encore showings on Halloween Friday, October 31, at 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. ET.

“I was very nervous and excited – just because acting is something that I want to take serious,” Tran revealed about her first movie role. “It’s something new. It’s something different and it was my first gig.”

She is in the episode “Mirror Mirror” in the cable network’s trilogy of horror shorts – portraying Monique in a hell of a scene performing a wild ritual.

Veteran actress Victoria Rowell is among her co-stars and she says “The Young and the Restless” star and everyone else made her feel welcome, “They knew it was my first film. They kinda understood where I was coming from. They were very nice and sweet.”

Tran, who is of Vietnamese and African heritage, has a recurring role in the Emmy nominated Internet serial drama, “The Bay the Series” on blip.tv.

“I play Vivian who is the lieutenant’s daughter. She is a character that was on previously, but her character was away at fashion school. Then there’s a big funeral that happens within the town. That’s my entrance back on to the show,” Tran said.

She’s “keeping her fingers crossed” that one of the networks said to be interested in the show will pick it up.

The 5′ 1″ beauty manages to stay around 100 pounds despite having a passion for foods that are fattening.

“I love candy. I love dessert. I love all kinds of sushi – Indian food and Jamaican food. (I) try to stay in shape (with) different detoxes and workouts.”

Her response was no nonsense when asked what advice she would give to tweens and teenagers who say they want to be like her.

“I always say you should be you and what you want to be.”

Tran isn’t a party person saying, “I think as far as me maturing as a woman I realize you’ve got to grow into who you are and what you like to make you happy. I do the things every day of my life that make me happy. I hang out in my house. I chill. I have some friends over. I cook. I don’t necessarily go out all the time.”

She like the song, “The Greatest Love Of All,” learned to depend she said, on herself, “Always invest in yourself and always focus on yourself. At a point in my life I didn’t focus on myself and I didn’t pay much attention to my self-worth. I think that’s very very important to know who you are and work hard for yourself because at the end of the day you are all you’ve got.”

Right now she stresses she’s “in my relationship. I still have my friends and my family – no doubt. But I am more headstrong.”

Tran is on Twitter: @karrueche.

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