*Celebrities love to show off their cars. The more expensive and unique the vehicle, the better.

Lately there have been several emerging trends in celebrity car modifications as the rich and famous refine their wheels to be more personal and impressive.

If a car is an extension of self, then these car modifications make them as stylish as they are eccentric. Check out these three trending car modification fads that the VIPs are into:

Custom wraps

Dennis Rodman drives a $500,000 Lamborghini. As if that wasn’t noteworthy enough, the famed former NBA player had the car customized with a one-of-a-kind wrap: an image of his head on fire. That’s right, Rodman cruises the L.A. streets with a picture of flames shooting out of his noggin on the driver’s side door. It’s not the most practical modification, but it does turn a few heads.

Also a fan of the wrap, rapper Tyga covered his Audi R8 in gold. The car just screams money. It looks like King Midas gave it a high five. Tyga rolls the roads of California in his precious metal mobile in immaculate style. Wraps aren’t just for the red carpet walkers, though. You can deck out your ride with a custom wrap of your favorite periodic table element or the best pic of your burning head at any competent local shop.

Custom wheels

Former Miami Heat superstar and actor Shaquille O’Neal rocks an ultra-personalized Hummer H2. The 26-inch chrome wheels on Shaq’s Hummer are engraved on all five spokes with the Superman-style letter ‘S’. Shaq also has a set of Superman custom wheels on his Rolls Royce Phantom.

Samuel L. Jackson owns a stellar Maybach 57 S, and if you’re curious, in this case the ‘S’ stands for “special.” Manufactured by Mercedes-AMG, this stallion has a V12 engine and rides on 20 inch wheels. You may not be able to own a Maybach, but you can get this lowered look for your car buy purchasing upgraded wheels and tires online.

Custom armor

Kanye West was already known for his dramatic flare, but when he purchased two Iron Diamonds, which cost $1.2 million a piece, any skepticism about his about his need to impress disappeared. The custom-made bullet-proof SUVs are like Fort Knox on wheels.

New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith has been seen in Manhattan navigating a Gurkha F5 armored truck. The modified $450,000 vehicle is the same model Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tore up the screen with in “Fast Five” (2011). Since the average cost to armor your car is about $40,000 most of us will have to stick with the protection of tinted windows.

When we look to our favorite celebs to see what is trending in car modifications, we have to take the good with the bad. Some mods are the bomb, while some others just bomb out. Whether they are canvasing their cars in crazy wraps, engraving designs into their wheels, or lining their exteriors in protective plates, celebrity trends aren’t always practical, but they are always interesting.