*What has this world come to?

If God blesses our daughter with a sibling one day, I will make some adjustments in the “chesticle” region after breastfeeding comes to a halt.  I am not ashamed of it, and am taking no polls on anyone else’s opinion about said choice.  So I guess this post is going to be laced with hypocrisy.  Nevertheless…

 Tiny Harris + New Eye Color=Self Hatred

It was recently reported that Tameka “Tiny” Harris confirmed that she permanently changed her brown eyes to gray.  She just returned from a trip to Africa after having Artificial Iris Implant surgery–a 30 minute procedure that changes your eye color to ice-gray with an implant carefully layered over your eyes.  I was stunned to hear about this technique, and even more shocked that she is not the first African-American to do it.

I have never been a fan of colored contacts, but I get that some people just like to have fun changing up their look.  What baffles me is the mental/emotional process someone goes through that brings them to the conclusion that God made a heavenly hiccup when choosing the color of their eyes, and the low self-esteem that accompanies the choice to do something so everlasting .  Unlike botox, fillers, nose jobs and most nip/tucks (that are also affiliated with low self-esteem in most cases), permanently altering your eye color trumps esteem issues for me.  It’s along the lines of bleaching your skin; both processes go way beyond tweaking weak points on your body and show up as self-hatred in my book.

Someone pointed out that Tiny is bi-racial, so is it really considered self-hatred when she bears rights to her white roots?  I suppose she could mix and match her roots as she so pleases, but it makes me question what was wrong with the non-European eyes she had at first.  They perfectly matched the non-European derriere she splurged on.  I do think that T.I.’s boo feels added pressure to lead the charge on the next celebrity trend, but at what cost?  And what message is she sending to her young female fans?    It will be disturbing to see the impact this has on our young women who already believe the hype that they aren’t good enough in their own skin.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.  If this is true, I wonder how much of her soul was altered along with her irises.  We’ll soon know.

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( Tiny Harris + New Eye Color = Self Hatred)