whiteness project*We’ve all seen many documentaries and news reports on how black America views race in in the United States. Now it’s time to get it…from the eyes of white people.

A new interview series called the “Whiteness Project” does just that as it provides a look at how white Americans see themselves regarding their racial identities, white privilege and what it means to be white in this day and age.

Documentary filmmaker Whitney Dow and PBS recently launched the first installment of the series, which includes the first 24 of 1,000 interviews Dow conducted with various white Americans who voiced their unfiltered views on race.

“Being White is just as beautiful as being Black, brown or any other color in the rainbow…” one of the women proudly stated while admitting to not ever being comfortable expressing that she’s proud to be White because people automatically label her a supremacist.

The launch of the “Whiteness Project” comes as race receives additional exploration with the upcoming film “Dear White People.” The Justin Simien-helmed feature uses satire to expose racist White people for their disruptive behavior toward Black students.

Questions surrounding a slight advantage whites have over blacks is also touched on in the “Whiteness Project” as an older man who was interviewed notes, “I live a pretty good life, but I don’t know if it’s because I’m White, but I’m sure if I was born a minority, things would be a lot rougher.”

As for reaction, feedback on the documentary has been mixed, as illustrated with the following Twitter comments:

I’m looking forward to this project #WhitnessProject. Creating a diverse community means discussing all citizens. http://t.co/4dHJr9zwvb

— This Is Life (@thisislife346) October 13, 2014

Funniest part of #WhitnessProject is all the people who espouse color blindness…

— Papi Shampoo (@PeterOnTheBrink) October 10, 2014

Essentially: “Black people blame White people & racism for their problems, but Blacks aren’t supporting themselves.” #WhitnessProject

— Evan Woodson (@EvanWoodson) October 10, 2014

also, this whiteness project shit just reaffirms that racial ignorance is alive and kicking.

— christie (@chrisalie3) October 13, 2014

What does whiteness mean to you? That’s the central question in this new PBS series, The Whiteness Project,… http://t.co/Y3si089ntR

— Not In Our Town (@notinourtown) October 13, 2014

Whiteness Project: Inside the White Caucasian Box http://t.co/h9JAb3qTv2 Because we needed them to tell us to get over it in a different way

— Pepper Ann (@herwittythought) October 13, 2014

A fascinating dialogue…. Whiteness Project http://t.co/gem3f2Oz9G

— Karen SchulmanDupuis (@karensd) October 13, 2014

For more on the “Whiteness Project,” check it out here.