*Today (10-08-14) the stars of TV One’s newest reality show, “Hollywood Divas” join the ladies of “The Real” to discuss career challenges, bringing actresses together, and what to expect from their new show. 

The cast plays “What Would A Diva Do” and the ladies respond to how they would handle some crazy situations.

cast of hollywood divas visits the real

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore/Warner Bros

Here’s a taste of how things went during the taping for broadcast today:

*Tamar Braxton: Let’s play this game called, “What Would A Diva Do?” darling.


Adrienne Bailon: Elise you’re first up. You ready?


Elise Neal: Bring it!


Adrienne Bailon: You’re at an event and the back of your dress splits and your backside is exposed. What do you do?


Elise Neal: Perfect ’cause I always have some safety pins in my anything. I would just grab the first person that’s close to me and say, “Hey, put a safety pin in this so I can get to this carpet.” 


Ladies: Good answer!


Loni Love: Okay Paula, your question. As you’re leaving a high-end store the alarm goes off and security chases after you.


Paula Jai Parker: I’d give them panties back. I’m sorry. I did not know you was gon see me. Snatch and steal and grab. I can put them back!


Adrienne Bailon: Alright Golden, you’re out to dinner at a trendy restaurant and your weave track falls out on the floor in front of everyone.


Golden Brooks: Really? Really?


Adrienne Bailon: It’s happened to me before, I’m not gonna lie. 


Golden Brooks: Really? I’d take my foot, I scoot it underneath the table. Keep it movin’.


Ladies: Good answer! Good Answer!



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