Tyga Talks Break Up with Blac Chyna

*Recently, Tyga opened up to Vibe about his relationship with Blac Chyna, why they are taking a break and if they are ever getting back together.

But he wanted to make it clear he isn’t dating Kylie Jenner though. Hence, maybe there’s hope he can get back together with his ex.

Not only did he shut down rumors about who he’s dating, but he shut down rumors about why he broke up with the mother of his child.

“I read something that said I kicked my baby’s mother out the house. That’s not true, he said. “We had our differences, yes. But we decided to take a break and do what’s best for King (their son) at this moment.”

He added, “we decided to take a break apart ‘cause you don’t wanna raise an emotionally unstable child, and that’s what it comes down to. It wasn’t my happiness, and it wasn’t her happiness. It was for the sake of King.”

He revealed he basically needs sometime away from her and that Blac Chyna has a lot of growing up to do.

“I mean, of course I love her. I had a kid with her for a reason. We were together for two years, but sometimes people need to see what life really is without the other person. [They need to experience life] without Prince Charming and really learn responsibility,” he said.

He added, “you can’t change a person. A person is always gonna be who they came to the table [as]. You can improve a person’s potential, you can help guide that person but at the end of the day, they’re gonna make their own decisions.”

He acknowledged she is improving and is focused more on her own business. No longer is she focused on what he’s doing on tour.

“Because it’s hard, when you’re sitting there…I’m on tour, you’re thinking about if I’m with girls or not when the main thing is like, “Yo, I’m on tour making money, while you’re living in this big ass house, taking care of our beautiful son.””

He added, “that’s the goal. A lot of women don’t realize this. They watch like… [Love & Hip Hop.] I don’t even watch VH1, ‘cause it’s poison. A lot of women watch that stuff and it just takes them off the focus of what they think happiness is. As you get older the main goal is to have a family. That’s what it’s all about because you can be successful, have a lot of money, or whatever you do in life, but if you don’t have nobody to share it with, or family, it ain’t gonna matter.”


(Tyga Talks Break Up with Blac Chyna)