EUR: If your spouse or significant other had a sex addiction would you leave them or remain in the relationship?

Tyson Beckford: Yah, I would forgive them. I would want to know why and if it was because of something I did, like I didn’t deliver what they wanted me to deliver.

William Levy: I would forgive a friend but I don’t think I would forgive a lover.

EUR: Why are conversations about women sexual lives and fantasies less talked about than men’s?

Zane: Women are still undervalued in today’s society. A lot of it is fear of being judge and having a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. And even though men are parents too its often a much bigger level of morality placed on women as mothers than there is on men as fathers.

Tyson Beckford: There not! Women sit with their girlfriends and talk about their men all the time.

William Levy: Women talk to their girls about sex more than we probably talk about it. When you girls get together, you talk about everything! This movie shows that you have to have communication with your partner. Let them know what you need, what you’re looking for and what’s missing.

Tyson Beckford & Zane Why See AddictedEUR: How did you prepare for this role?

Tyson Beckford: Bille Woodruff (Director) gave us the movie “Unfaithful,” to use as a reference. It’s kind of a similar story but we have more spice!

AddictedEUR: Why did you pick ‘Addicted’ as your first feature film and what was the transition like from novel to big screen?

Zane: It’s my first novel and the most popular because it has been out the longest. There is always challenges but I love all different medians, like television, film and stage. More than likely ‘Nervous’ will be my next film.


(Tyson Beckford & Zane Why See Addicted)