Wendy Williams Shades Charlamagne, But He Shows Her Love

*Is Wendy Williams suffering from amnesia or memory loss? She claims to not know who Charlamagne is, but maybe it’s just her shade.

Yep, it has to be definitely her shade. He worked with her on her radio show from 2006-2008. So of course she remembers him, but clearly there’s some bad blood.

Williams said she didn’t know of Charlamagne in an interview with radio host Elvis Duran. He tried to ask her a question about Charlamagne, but she kept repeating, “who?!”

Duran said, “In the interview I heard you said to our friend Charlamagne who’s just down the hall who used to work with you years ago…”

And Williams replied with, “who?” Duran followed up with, “Charlamagne. Charlamagne Tha God.” And she said it again, “who? I can’t identify with people I don’t know. Who?”

But Charlamagne didn’t give into any feuding. Instead, he replied to his Twitter followers with the love he claims to have for Williams.

He replied to followers with, “All love from me RT @thatindiangirl: Oh @cthagod that was real shady of@WendyWilliams wtf is that about. I hate people that act like that.”

He added, “Nothing but Iove for her RT @ClosetJane: Woooooooowwwwww!!!! @cthagod speechless! @WendyWilliams smh.”

Earlier this year with he was on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” he confirmed he had a falling out with Williams husband, Kevin Hunter.

The falling out between Charlamagne and Hunter is probably what caused Williams’ memory loss of him. Nevertheless, he has nothing, but love for her.

“Shout out to Wendy. I haven’t talked to her in like four years but she definitely gave me my break as far as this radio thing is concerned.[…]I used to do ‘man on the street’ stuff for her show like back in 2009, maybe, but I haven’t been on her show [for an interview],” Charlamagne said.

He added, “there’s no beef. Me and her husband had a falling out but as far as I know me and Wendy cool. I can’t be mad at her for riding with her husband. That’s her husband! So if her husband don’t f**k with me then I don’t blame her for not f**king with me either. You know?”

Watch Williams’ interview below:


(Wendy Williams Shades Charlamagne, But He Shows Her Love)