Jayci Underwood Laments She's Not Nicki Minaj After Tooth Surgery

Jayci Underwood

*When Jayci Underwood woke up from the surgery that removed her wisdom teeth, its understandable that she was a bit … “disoriented” shall we say.

After all, she had been heavily drugged.

But one has to wonder what drugs they used to cause the woman to think she was going to wake up as rapper Nicki Minaj and count comedienne/TV host Ellen DeGeneres as her BFF.

Dang, talk about a dream gone bad.

Now that her husband Matt has filmed and released the footage of the 23-year-old dabbing her bleeding mouth following surgery, she has become a star though – since the video has gone viral.

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(Jayci Underwood Laments She’s Not Nicki Minaj After Tooth Surgery)