Tiny & Shekinak's Weave Trip Is Quality TV

Tiny and Shekinah Jo

*Reality shows have taken over the airwaves and it seems that with every new show made, three new reality shows are created and premiering on the same channels.

With one of the newest reality shows spinning off of T.I.’s popular “Family Hustle,” Tameka “Tiny” Harris and friend Shekinah Jo set off across the country on a road trip to promote their new mobile weave bus business. The result of which is seen on “Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip” debuting tonight on VH1.  The bus, equipped with all the trappings of a full beauty salon and clad in pretty pink décor, becomes the stage and totes the two divas with the country as the show’s backdrop and into the pair’s dream/adventure.

“We started this business, as a mobile hair salon,” said Tiny, “and we wanted to bring it to California because we felt like it was a better place for mobile salons or mobile business period.  We had a long drive from Georgia, and through that time that we shared these nice, great moments in between we stopped in different cities and had good times with different people.”

Apparently, Tiny had a reality show already in the works when her and Shekinah came up with the idea of creating a mobile hair business, “and do everything we wanted to do between Atlanta and California,” added Shekinah.

“People say I’m funny,” said Shekinah in response to the show’s comedy factor, “people say I’m hilarious, but I don’t even be trying to be hilarious.  I just be trying to have fun.”

Often the question is asked “Why should I watch that show?”  The answer is simple, and goes way deeper than the face value answer that one might think to respond with.  These answers, as varied as they might come, seem spawned from the mind of some college philosophy professor, during a planning session for a lecture on quality television.

During the watching of Tiny’s newest reality show, “Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip,” one realizes the answer that connects all reality shows from the first behind the scenes documentaries on movies till today’s fall lineup stuffed with reality shows: reality.

On could argue that Tiny has questionable appeal; meanwhile her friend Shekinah is basically a virtual unknown, but what cannot be argued with is the fact that they both have real appeal as reality show personalities.  As Americans and as humans, we want to see and explore.  With reality shows we get to go inside of some other person’s life and see what they go through and how they handle the situations that they come in contact with.  We get to experience what they experience and see what they see.

tiny & shekinah2

Bad reality television threatens to become meat markets of “flavor of the month cuties” or season long advertisements for negative propaganda.  Good reality television creates deeper insights into the world around us and even motivates and enlightens the viewer on the possibilities of life.

In Tiny and Shekinah’s show, we see two women exploring the country being entrepreneurs.  They have an idea, they seek the ways and means to get started, and then they execute that idea.  A classic Americana storyline with all the drama and “hood” appeal of World Star Hip Hop’s latest clips.

Of course, this adventure has its ups and downs, as any realistic endeavor would.  Tiny has the talent and the business acumen, and Shekinah has the talent and skill set needed to run the company.  It is their teamwork and the tension created from their interactions that fuel the dramatic aspects of the show and provide some of the comedic opportunities that are presented.  The characters that Tiny and Shekinah run into, along the way, provide the rest of the enjoyment that should be expected from any reality show.

During their trip, the pair deals with everything from live crawfish, searching for aliens in New Mexico, dancing with school aged dancers and they even found themselves on a date with an older white guy.

“It was cute,” said Shekinah about her date. “He was really giving me game on life and how I should handle certain things.  Jim [Shekinah’s date] was all right, though.  I got Jim’s number.  I’m gonna call Jim.”

As reality shows go, this one seems to be cream of the crop, based on the fact that it features two people who are not pawns in some overarching scheme or survivalist in some insane game, but two business minded African American women who are about their business.  It shows that people can live out their dreams and can strive to become better than their surroundings.

shekinah & tiny

As beauty goes, neither are ‘Cosmo-Girls,’ but both have unique qualities that set them apart from other women on television.  Both have voluptuous figures that are definitely promoted on the show.  While other reality shows go for the gratuitous sex appeal of their show’s stars, “Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip” poses to look at the women and their interaction with the world as it pertains to the running of their “Mobile Weave Bus” with their own personal sex appeals taking a back seat.

“The bus real,” said Tiny, “the bus go.”

Its messages like these, however humorously disguised they may be, that we should be sending to our youth.  These type of shows should be promoted and highlighted, versus shows about airheaded people doing nothing all day other than getting mad at each other.

Although Tiny and Shekinah do manage to get into their share of arguments, they work together like good business people do and end up with positive resolutions to their problems.

“She think I’m a be on that bus doing hair,” said Shekinah, “and she aint doing nothing but driving!”

“That’s a big deal,” replied Tiny.

“Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip” premieres tonight, Monday, October 13 at 9:30pm ET/PT on VH1.

Watch the hilarious trailer for “Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip”:

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(Tiny & Shekinak’s Weave Trip Is Quality TV)