Will.i.am's Puls A Fashionable Cuff: Much More than a Watch

*Will.i.am has a deal with 7digital to produce Puls, a fashionable cuff, which is supposed to be something more than just a watch.

He made himself clear at the Dreamforce ’14 convention about the device being “fashion-logy” — combining technology and fashion into one word.

“First off this is not a watch, by any means,” Will.i.am said. “The battery is all around here, right next to the battery very tightly packed is the speaker, and then the radio is here and here, SIM card is there, the chip set is there, and it’s all tightly packed under this curved screen.”

The device has 1 GB of memory, 16 GB of storage, a pedometer and accelerometer,780 mA of power, wifi and blue-tooth among other features. “I almost forgot, it also has 4 kW of DAF,” he added. “That’s ‘dope-as-f—ness.'”

As his presentation continued, he talked about his other fashion forward projects. This includes “Powear” — jackets powering the devices. Also, he had sneakers that counts steps and weighs a person. And he presented a geometric backpack, which carries its own power and sneakers.

“That’s wearables,” he said. “Wearables isn’t just something on your wrist. You should be wearing it all. Counting steps, weighing you on your shoes, jackets to give you two-and-a-half days of power, and a backpack that gives you sound when you go out into the world. And it’s made fresh and it looks freaking dope.”

See what the device is in the video below:



(Will.i.am’s Puls A Fashionable Cuff: Much More than a Watch)