al green

*R&B/soul legend Al Green‘s neighbors got quite the Halloween scare this weekend when the Shelby Forest, TN residents found out his bull is on the loose.

His neighbors are freaking out the bull can be dangerous since it’s lost and wondering around the neighborhood.

“Terrifying because I have small children,” an anonymous neighbor told WMC-TV. “Once they feel threatened, they are going to protest it’s turf and they could kill you.”

But unfortunately this isn’t the first time Green’s neighbors have been in fear on his livestock. During Halloween 2011, several of Green’s bulls got loose.

His neighbors said a dog chased the bull outside of the fence, yet Green put a bowl of greens for when the bull returns, but some neighbors feel as though that won’t work.

“A bull could kill you, it would see us as a threat,” the neighbor said. “So, I’m afraid for my children’s safety and my own.”

Deputies drove around and looked for the bull, but they couldn’t find anything. And as for Green or a representative, he has yet to reply.

Watch the video below:
WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee