*Stand, in the end, you’ll still be you

One that’s done all the things you set out to do

Stand, there’s a cross to bear

Things to go through if you’re going anywhere

*Sly & Family Stone, [email protected],ATV,Warbner,Chappell,Universal Music

This 1969 lyrical reference is a befitting and still relevant reminder for the ostensibly spineless and sagaciously challenged candidates in the recent Democratic non-election disaster.   Predictable defeat was their reward, as is usual in armies filled with turn-and-run soldiers.  Their flawed argument suggested that President Obama’s association with them would hamper their plan, such as it was, to be elected or re-elected.

This brigade of the politically feeble-minded apparently forgot, was never told or just never knew that the unemployment bar has dropped from 10.1% in October 2009 to 5.9% in November 2014; that the Federal deficit has shrunk by 2/3 since 2009; that 95% of working Americans are paying lower income taxes than at any time in the last 50 years; that the auto industry was spared from being a historical reference; that 10 million more Americans now have affordable health care than a year ago; that more illegal aliens have been deported than at any other time in the history of US Citizenship and Immigration Services and a host of other game  changing accomplishments … all under the stewardship of President Barack Obama. But instead of running on these unmitigated successes of his governance, they ran from the very person and the policies that implemented them.

With all of the Republican obsessions with our President—the miniscule priorities of his birth and place, of his religious and governmental preference, even of his not wearing a tie for a press conference and the like, was there not the opportunity to modify the conversation by drawing attention to the very real challenges that our country faces due to Republican gridlock politics?   Why do so many Democrats fidget when Americans suffer?

Ironically, in an overt, shameless way, these non-elected Democrats have joined our currently elected Republicans in blaming anyone but themselves for the state of the union and the equally disheveled state of their minds.  It is so much easier in times of crisis to descend into arrogance, misinformation, a multiplicity of phobias and intended distractions from the truth.  It is so much easier to treat our Commander-in-Chief with impudence and rudeness rather than face the disrespect we bring on ourselves with such deflecting behavior.  Isn’t this seemingly race-based repugnance towards our President, the kind of unpatriotic behavior that exacerbates the nation’s struggles to rid itself of the atrocities of yesteryear?

A new Reconstruction period is needed, one of the mastery of ethics and emotions in compliance with reason and common sense..  With a staggering 2/3 frustrated electorate (largely minorities) abandoning the polls, a new map has to be drawn to retrieve them.  The reconstructed Democrats need to check their rear view mirror and re-identify its people and its positions.  The Party of Jackson has to retool itself, the Party of Action.

In Stanley Kubrick’s epic film, “Spartacus,” the final scenes depict the conquering soldiers asking the rebels to identify their leader.  One after another, Spartacus’ subordinates eventually all stand and proclaim they are their sought-after leader.  T They were all Spartacus.  … indeed, they were all united.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Chris Jones, a native New Yorker residing in Los Angeles, has written consistently about his observations of ethics, culture and day-to-day life in the urban community.  A Political Science graduate of Ohio University and staunch supporter of voter registration, his professional background includes business manager for Stevie Wonder, senior level appointments for promotion and marketing at Island, Motown and Warner Bros Records,  respectively.  Contact Chris at [email protected]

Jeffrey Stewart

Jeffrey Stewart

Jeffrey Stewart, hails from Chicago and has Yale graduate credentials. Professor and Chair of Black Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara and author of “Paul Robeson: Artist and Citizen” and “1001 Things Everyone Should Know About African American History.”