Andrew 'I'm Not Gay No More!' Caldwell Target of Church Lawsuit?

*And why are we so NOT surprised to learn that the “I’m Not Gay No More” dude is on the verge of being sued by the very church that “delivered” him from his gayness?

As we reported, Andrew Caldwell, went and took the viral video of his “deliverance,” auto-tuned it, added some background vocals and uploaded it for sale on iTunes.

The Church of God in Christ is saying his next move might be to call his attorney ’cause they are on the verge of suing his arse. A church official says they want him to stop selling the song partly because they own the audio, but also because they feel Andrew is making a mockery of the service. That’s true, however, some feel he wasn’t the only one.

In any event, Caldwell says no deal. He told TMZ he’s copyrighted the song and says it’s his voice and only he – not even God – can claim ownership of it.


(Andrew ‘I’m Not Gay No More!’ Caldwell Target of Church Lawsuit?)