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*Yes, you read the headline correctly.

And just when you thought his 15 minutes was up,  Antoine Dodson reminds us he’s still here.

Yep, he’s the winner of a celebrity boxing match that took place Sunday night in Los Angeles. reports that Dodson made good on his vow to get revenge on the person who allegedly broke into his home in Lincoln Park, Alabama years ago by beating Rashaad Cooper, aka The Intruder.

The site goes on to say that Cooper had to be helped out of the octagon cage ring as he limped on a bad ankle he injured in the first round. The end result was a far cry from how the three-round fight looked in the beginning.

“Antoine got hit with an overhand right that knocked him down right away,” Damon Feldman, the fight promoter told Monday morning regarding how the bulkier Cooper had the upper hand on Dodson before he injured himself.

“The ref pushed the Intruder back to give Antoine time to get back up, but when he pushed him, the Intruder twisted his ankle,” Feldman added. “Then Antoine attacked him and won in the first round. It was an incredible fight.”

Incredible fight?! Yeah, right. But, we digress.

Anyway, prior to the Dodson’s bout with Cooper, The Kato Kaelin-hosted event featured interviews with contestants and people in the crowd as well as ring card girls, the referee of the two undercard matches and people on the street, who weighed in on who they thought would win. Predictions on the fight were evenly divided, noted.

Antoine Dodson Gets Win Over The Intruder In Boxing Matc

Pow to the kisser! At the pre-fight press conference, Antoine Dodson showed The Intruder what was in store for him.

The event itself was organized by Feldman’s World Xtreme Entertainment and presented via by promoter Alki David.

Upon entering the ring to fight Cooper, Dodson went the familiar route with coming out to his song “The Bed Intruder.” Although he maintained that the whole story about the intruder was a sham, Cooper told Kaelin the fight with Dodson, was “personal.”

(And fake as far as we’re concerned.)

Nevertheless, Dodson came out on top. But, as Feldman revealed, he was “too sore to get out of bed,” to make it to a scheduled interview on Monday with Playboy Radio.

Kaelin shared with that security was waiting to escort Cooper out of the ring until Dodson was safely away. To see a clip of Dodson’s fight with Cooper, check out the video below:


(Antoine Dodson Gets Win Over The Intruder In Boxing Match)