*Former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Benzino has reportedly been hit with a tax bill of a whopping $5 million just weeks after he was let go from the VH1 series.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Benzino failed to pay taxes from 1997-2005. He also didn’t bother to pay in 2008. He owes a total of $5,181,788.50.

This is the second time Uncle Sam has come after him for owed money. The US Attorney’s office also contacted him in 2005 after he failed to pay in 1999 and 2000. The total was $1.5 million at the time. He plead not guilty to those charges.

According to the official tax documents obtained by the TMZ, Benzino, whose real name is Raymond Scott, owes $178,397.30 from 1997, 1998 ($760,867.19), 1999 ($691,828.28), 2000 ($1,3339,844.11), 2001 ($634,281.39), 2002 ($143,7688), 2003 ($19,969.91), 2004 ($12,975.36), 2005 ($87,366.32) & 2008 ($18,470.64).

The news of his tax debt comes after he and his fiancée Althea Heart were fired from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Word has it that the couple was informed of their dismissal in late October, with no reason given.

Some blogs have floated the notion that Benzino and Heart weren’t invited back because Heart is suing their former costar Joseline Hernandez, who attacked Heart during the show’s reunion special earlier this year. While Heart was seen as the victim and several of their costars wanted Hernandez off the show, it appears as if VH1 thought it was more valuable to keep Hernandez and Stevie J.