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*Radar Online got its hands on an audio of Bill Cosby from 2005 discussing how someone who is similarly accused of sexual assaults might be “crying out for somebody to stop them.”

The claims of sexual assault being made against Cosby span across different decades, different states, and involve multiple different women.

An interview with the comedian was recorded in 2005 by Barry Levine at The National Enquirer, and provided to Radar. It was recorded amid accuser Tamara Green’s claims that Cosby drugged and groped her in the 1970s.

Asked about the scandal, Cosby said at the time, “Nobody ever wishes for that. But there could be, I guess, what psychiatrists … The person really and truly was wishing for something like that.”

“You hear many times that someone has done something and they’re crying out for somebody to stop them from whatever it is they’re doing wrong,” he continued.

“I’m not saying what I did was wrong,” Cosby insisted. “I’m saying that there are behavioral hints that the psychiatrists, that behavioral scientists will say …”

As Radar reported, Cosby slammed the sex assault allegations as “unfair” in the same audio.

“I guess that a celebrity trying to protect him or herself is not supposed to use every ounce of protection?” he said. “But this is all about celebrity, period!”

“Which means that the celebrity, period, should know better,” he said. “It was a fair warning to the celebrity. Fair warning.”

Discussing her 1970 allegations with People magazine this week, Green said of Cosby: “He is in fact a sexual predator. I don’t dispute the fact the man has done much good, but he is a flawed man.”