debbi morgan

*Domestic violence has re-surfaced as a hot issue, but actress Debbi Morgan wants to shed more light on domestic violence in her new memoir and stage play, “The Monkey On My Back.”

Morgan opened up about hiding her pain of dealing with domestic violence and how as an actress she managed to mask it.

“I’ve been acting since I was sixteen years old and it really helped me quite well because I could use all of my acting skills to sort of hide behind this mask.”

She added, “I was always smiling and acting like I was happy and full of joy. I was hiding behind this mask with so much insecurity, humiliation, pain, fear.”

The domestic violence started at young age with her parents before carrying over into her own intimate relationships.

“I was a child of domestic violence and listening to my father’s loud, abusive rhetoric permeating throughout the apartment, furniture being knocked over, glass shattering, my mother’s blood-curling screams, were probably always being ingrained in the crevices of my soul for a very long time.

“I think so much attention is paid to the abuser and the abused—you know, the woman, and in many cases, the man. But I don’t think enough attention is paid to the children. For me, growing up in that fear, it dictated so many of the choices that I made in my own life. It nearly rendered me incapable of stopping the cycle of abuse in my own life.”

Morgan went through one abusive relationship after another. It was an emotional roller-coaster cycle that she couldn’t get off of for a very long time.

“I was a victim of bullying. I went through physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a teenage boyfriend. I suffered severe emotional abuse by three of my four husbands. I was just caught in this cycle. I mean, spinning like a washing machine.”

Listen to Morgan’s full interview at News One.