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*Don Lemon drew side-eyes from viewers yet again, this time for a crack about smelling weed while covering the unrest in Ferguson Monday night.

The CNN anchor was describing the scene from outside the Ferguson police station Monday night, just moments after the announcement that police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Speaking with Anderson Cooper, Lemon reported hearing the sounds of gunfire and saw protesters jumping on cars.

And then he said: “Obviously, there is the smell of marijuana in the air.”

Obviously? Really Don?

Folks were also questioning Lemon’s inability to operate his gas mask effectively, telling viewers that his mask still allowed gas to seep in…which ultimately resulted in a dramatic on-air reaction to the gas.

He was further blasted by critics online for imitating the “St. Louis accent” and for retreating to a “safe room” while other CNN reporters stayed out on the scene.

But it was his culturally-insensitive suggestion about Ferguson protesters “obviously” being weed smokers that got the biggest reaction.

Watch below:

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