donna richardson joyner,

*Donna Richardson Joyner is one of the most notable fitness gurus — having served on President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

She rose to fitness fame 20-plus years ago in the “Buns of Steel” video franchise. Nowadays, she posing in her birthday suit aka her bikini in celebration of her 52nd birthday.

“It’s humbling to reflect back to over 20 years ago when my career started,” she told “I have lived a very blessed life and I’m excited about continuing to grow and evolve into the woman God created me to become.”

She was married to Tom Joyner for more than a decade before they quietly divorced in 2012. Now she’s single, looking better more than ever and dating.

“I’m enjoying the essences of who I am in this season of my life. I’m full of life, love and lasting energy,” she said.

She’s been traveling more than ever lately — venturing beyond fitness into the travel space. She’s a member of the first all-black female relay team to run in the Hood To Coast Relay in Portland, Oregon.

“I have traveled to 50 states, 50 countries and 6 continents and continue to sow seeds wherever I go,” she shared.  “Now, I can share and inspire others to explore different cultures, people and the world.”