*After 20 years Jim Carrey is back in the comedic cult-classic “Dumb and Dumber To,” in theaters November 14. EUR associate Fahnia Thomas was on the scene, at the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere.

EUR: Who would you rather go on a cross country road trip with Jim Carrey or Jeff Daniels? Why?

Ernie Hudson: Defiantly, Jim! Jim actually seems dumb! Jeff can act dumb but Jim seems like he would be a lot of fun, like ‘Dumb and Dumber To!’ I’m so tired of these macho movies of people kicking each other and shooting each other. The last few movies I’ve seen have been so violent, I just want to laugh! I want something that is funny, dumb and silly.

Tommy DavidsonTommy Davidson: Jim because he is crazy as hell! I don’t really know Jeff so that would be kind of awkward. With Jim the trip would last like two minutes because we go hard. Jim and I did a show a long time ago called ‘In Living Color,’ which was one of the best sketch shows on TV since the Belushi brothers cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’ and the ‘Carol Burnett Show!’ We were a bomb-ass group of people with different talents that turned the country out…And everything that is left, is what we started! Jim’s taken comedy to the next level. Everything that he has done, is what Jedi-comics, like me and him do! He makes funny…FUNNY!

Atkins Estimond Atkins Estimond (plays Gus): I would have to say Jim! Road trips can be pretty boring…he would keep it exciting and keep me laughing.

Swizz BeatzEUR: What is your favorite Jim Carrey character ?

Swizz Beatz: Jim is amazing! I’ve been a fan of his since Fire Marshall Bill…and we here, in living color!

Dumb and Dumber ToEUR: When will there be an ‘In Living Color’ remake?

Tommy Davidson: All of us want that but I don’t know. We are all working and in different places but we do see each other all of the time. If we did do another ‘In Living Color,’ I wouldn’t want to do it on TV. I’d rather do the ‘In Living Color’ movie, with no sensors.

Dumb and Dumber To