Interstellar Star David Gyasi Discusses Key Role in Film

David Gyasi

*Famed Director Christopher Nolan is back with another sci-fi masterpiece in the form of a family friendly space odyssey titled “Interstellar. ”

The stars of “Interstellar,” which include Michael Cane, John Lithgow, Mackenzie Foy and Anne Hathaway, each lift their characters up in unique ways that push the movie forward.

Standout performances from McConaughey, Hathaway and British star David Gyasi as the intergalactic flight crew float to the top and make being an astronaut more believable.

“My character lives and breathes science,” said the British actor, whose family has its roots in Nigeria, David Gyasi.

Gyasi, earned his acting chops playing Romilly the team’s astrophysicist.  He performed as an older man for the later part of the film.

“What was amazing to me was how this journey inspires in him a respect for the mystical side of things; for the intangible things that bind up together.”

Watch as Gyasi discusses his role in “Interstellar” with EUR associate Troy Tieuel:

“Interstellar” opens in theaters today, November 5.  For more information on” Interstellar,” go to


(Interstellar Star David Gyasi Discusses Key Role in Film)