EUR Exclusive: Luenell at Home in Horror Film Matthew 18

Luenell, star in ‘Matthew 18,’ makes a NYC pit stop. (MMoore photo)


*The fabulous and glamorous actress/comedienne/singer Luenell is a tour de force.

Born in Tollette, Arkansas, it was Oakland, California that became her home when she was just two months old. With a yen for theatrics, Luenell enrolled in theater classes in grade school and continued her studies through college (earning a BA in English from Cal State Hayward).

Racking up experience in theater and television, Luenell’s next step was the big screen.

Last seen in “Think Like A Man Too,” this Friday she stars in the horror film, “Matthew 18.” On a tour to promote “Matthew 18,” Luenell made a pit stop in New York City and sat down with EURweb associate Marie Moore.

Marie Moore/EUR: Some are afraid to tackle the horror genre. What made you take this leap of faith?

I had read the script and I knew that I was very much interested in playing in a horror flick that wasn’t a comedy. Not only that, I wanted to stretch my comedic repertoire because I had never been offered anything like that before.

Luenell: Although the trailer is quite interesting, we were not allowed to see the film. So could you describe your role?

I’m aunt Jessie, the typical nice mentoring, wonderful aunt to my darling niece who is going to college and doing all the things we want a niece to do. I’m there to support her, give her a little car to use when she needs to, and give her a little money on the sly that her Mom doesn’t know about, just like aunts do. I’m actually an aunt to 17 nieces and nephews in real life—and the favorite aunt, if I may say so [Laughs]. So that role came naturally.

MM/EUR: How would you describe “Matthew 18”?

The way I describe Mathew 18 is sort of like ‘Eve’s Bayou’ meets ‘Paranormal’ meets ‘The Shinning.’ And it’s spooky in that way. It’s not a lot of blood and guts, but it’s more of a mind bender, which I actually prefer to things like ‘Saw.’ The cinematography and music scored are really good.

L: What prepared you for this role?

I got married, that was pretty scary. I have seven brothers and sisters and 17 nieces and nephews, which is pretty frightening. I have a kid in college and that’s scaring me everyday right now. So I’m well prepared to play in a spooky film [Laughs].

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 EUR Exclusive: Luenell at Home in Horror Film Matthew 18