Evelyn Lozada and son Carl Leo

*Evelyn Lozada says she’s loving her new fuller frame since giving birth to her second child in March.

Although, the former “Basketball Wives” star shed 55 pounds following the delivery, she says her body has changed. Yet, she’s embraced her new figure.

“I kept reminding myself that I just had a baby and went through a beautiful experience and this is what matters the most. When I had [my 21-year-old daughter] Shaniece, I was a teenager and I bounced back within 24 hours, but as you get older, your body changes and I didn’t bounce back as fast,” she told ABC News. “I’m very satisfied with my appearance now! I’m a bit more curvier and I love it.”

A few months after Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford put a ring on it, they welcomed their son, Carl Leo, in March. The New York native said her daughter helped her a great deal after the birth.

“Shaniece was and still is super positive,” Lozada said. “She would actually take the role of big sister and do the night shift sometimes when I wanted to go work out. She was my lifesaver.”

The mother and daughter, whose close bond was often shown on “Basketball Wives,” are also the faces of youthH20’s new campaign. The campaign aims to empower women and make them feel comfortable in their skin.

“We only speak in a positive manner when it comes to our appearance and I’m her biggest cheerleader,” Lozada said. “I make certain to recognize her when she excels and I support her on all of her projects. As a mom, it’s important to encourage your child, this helps them to build confidence and we hope to help so many women do the same.”