Faith Evans: The First Lady of R&B Is Back and She's Incomparable!
*Grammy Award winning, multi- platinum selling R&B artist Faith Evans is back! The Frist Lady of R&B has released her 8th album, Incomparable.

Evans new project features collaborations with Missy Elliott, KeKe Wyatt and Karen Clark-Sheard. It’s available in stores now and on iTunes.

EURweb associate, Shannice Johnson, got the chance to sit down with the Songstress as she revealed why Incomparable is her best album to date.

“To me it’s reminiscent of two of the albums that my fans tend to say are their favorites which is my first album and my Faithfully album.”

Incomparable contains 17 electrifying up-tempo club tracks, interludes, and sensual ballads.

After being the industry for 20 years, Incomparable, will definitely prove why Faith Evans is still one thee supreme vocalist and songwriters of her generation.


(Faith Evans: The First Lady of R&B Is Back and She’s Incomparable!)