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*(Via Newsy) – Google might be getting tired of running a multi-billion dollar online advertising juggernaut. The tech company just unveiled a program that will scrub Google ads from certain parts of the Internet — for a small fee.

The program is called Contributor by Google, and it’s essentially a crowdfunding support network that replaces Google’s ad revenue with monthly microtransactions.

Contributors will chip in a monthly fee of around $1-3, and in exchange, all Google ads will be replaced by these little thank-you messages. The program’s still an experiment, so it only works on a handful of sites — Mashable, Imgur, and Urban Dictionary are some notable examples.

This seems like Google’s latest attempt to reduce the company’s reliance on selling banner ad space — Google’s also tried things like Consumer Surveys, which exchange ads for marketing questionnaires, and YouTube’s new ad-free Music Key subscription service.

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