congress bldg & obama

*(Via Newsy) – Like George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan before him, come this January, President Obama will face a unified Congress run by the opposite party.

The question now is whether this new roster of lawmakers and President Obama can find common ground on anything during his final two years in office.

The prospects don’t look good. After all, if a Congress partially-run by Democrats couldn’t push through Obama’s priorities, what’s to say a Congress entirely run by Republicans will?

As a result, we can expect executive action from the president on at least one issue. He’s promised he’ll act without Congress, if necessary, on immigration reform.

And if history’s any indication, Obama will be pulling out the veto pen more often — something he’s done only twice since taking office.

Repealing, or at least replacing parts of, Obamacare remains high on the agenda of some Republicans, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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