*Johnny Gill, the R&B balladeer, is returning to his solo spotlight with an upcoming seventh studio album, “The Game Changer,” which is set for a Dec. 9, 2014 release.

Behind Closed Doors” is the name of his lead single off the album, and the video features Eddie Murphy‘s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy.

Gill, 48, reunited with some R&B forces of nature — like Babyface for the new album with who collaborated with on his hit, “My, My, My,” which Gill never really liked.

“I hadn’t seen or worked with him in a long time. He came with his A-game, and I was like, ‘Uh oh, we gettin’ ready to cause some problems right here,’” Johnny told

But Babyface isn’t the only R&B superstar Gill’s worked with on the new album. It marks the first time in 10 years he recorded with New Edition.

“I was playing them [New Edition members] some of the material I had recorded, and they heard ‘Me and You’ and said, ‘Okay, we gotta be on this joint!’ They wanted to be a part of it, and help support the album. That was a blessing.”

After so many albums, hits and years under his belt some fans might feel it’s easy for him to put out impressive music, but this time is a little different.

“It’s coming from and being released on my [own] label [J Skillz Entertainment]…I’m my own boss. Being able to put out music and control the business [end] of it has been beyond gratifying and rewarding to me.”

Watch the video for “Behind Closed Doors” below: