*As with anyone, there are always ups and downs.

And K. Michelle is no different as she recently opened up to Global Grind about her new boyfriend Bobby Maze as well as drama coming from his baby mama Angela Stylez and a former lover’s attempt to extort her with a lesbian sex tape she made a few years ago .

The chat comes during K. Michelle’s promotion tour of her new reality show, “K. Michelle: My Life.”

Here she comments on her new boo, Bobby Maze:

Bobby plays ball overseas, he’s just normal. I’m going to be honest I dated a lot of celebrity guys and he calls me Kimberly. I have a normal life and it’s the greatest feeling. He doesn’t give a shit. If a blog says something, it’s not going to ruin his career. He has just been very accepting of me, of Kimberly. I think that’s the greatest feeling, I didn’t know how important that was—He was talking to me about marriage. We’re trying to figure some stuff out.

She then talked about a lesbian sex tape (didn’t know she had one) that she made a few years ago and how one of the females she was involved with is planning on extorting her.

Apparently she and Bobby’s baby mama won’t be exchanging Christmas cards:

It has been a lot of drama even with him. His Baby mother, if Global Grind, if y’all can give her an interview before she’s going to lose her f*cking mind. Give her something to help her life out and help her sell them beads she’s trying to sell—I’ve never talked to this girl, never seen her a day in my life, but she said she’s doing a reality show about me. I saw a post that she said I was yelling at her. I never have talked to her—she’s saying he doesn’t pay child support. That’s not my child—if we get married it becomes a responsibility of my life and I’m okay with that.

And of course there’s the issue of the lesbian sex tape:

I have a girl saying she has a sex-tape on me. This girl says she has a sex tape of her and me and another girl having sex. Yeah I did that. If you’re going to leak something, make sure it’s airbrushed. Make sure I look good. Five years ago on the phone in the dark, whatever. Who ever wants to leak a f*cking tape, go f*cking right ahead.

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(K. Michelle Talks Lesbian Sex Tape Extortion, New Boyfriend and More)