kenya moore & the real cast

*Tomorrow, Tuesday, 11-04-14, Kenya Moore visits “The Real” to dish on her new haircare line, Moore Hair.

She shares how she handles being considered the villain on “RHOA“and reveals that viewers could possibly see her African Prince on the new season of the franchise.

How Kenya Moore handles being the villain… 

Kenya Moore: Well, I don’t think I’m the cause of everyone’s problems.

Tamar Braxton: No, they say that is what I…

Kenya Moore: They try to make it like I am. I think that umm, you know, every show has to have a villain. And I think that my first two seasons, it came my way. I think I’m just a strong person with a strong point of view and opinions. I don’t start fights but I don’t back away from them either. And I think that I just become a target. “Well, let’s just team up on Kenya, let’s take her down.” So it takes an army of women to try to take me down but [it hasn’t been done] yet, so…

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Meanwhile, on GIRL CHAT: Secret Savings Accounts a.k.a “Tuck Away Money”… The hosts discuss being prepared for a dramatic split from a significant other and having a financial cushion to help you bounce back. Tamar offers a definition of “tuck away money” while Loni shares why it is important to have on

Tamar Braxton explains “tuck away money”…

Tamar Braxton: You never know what’s going to happen in your relationship so ladies and gentlemen you must open you a “tuck away” account. That account is used when or if something happens in your marriage and you got to fend for yourself. So you go to your “tuck away” and you get away.

Adrienne Bailon: It’s the escape.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Is that like a personal savings account?

Tamar Braxton: Yes it is!

Tamera Mowry-Housley: But the husband doesn’t know about?

Tamar Braxton: No, you tell no one. It’s tucked away

Loni Love: The reason why, you know, it’s important because there are some situations like Cordell Stewart and Porsha.   You know, this happened last year. They were married for 22 months and she found out on twitter that she was getting divorced. He allegedly, through Posrsha, she said that he announced it on twitter that they were getting a divorce. And when they went to court she got nothing. Nothing… except that car that she came with. What she drove in with is what she drove out with.

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