backside of the story

*Atlanta, GA – While spending hundreds of hours in hotel rooms injecting silicone into the butts of everyone from housewives to celebrities, cosmetologist Kimberly Smedley didn’t ever think she’d land in jail.

However, what to her was the simple fulfillment of her clients’ desires for beauty and confidence was to the law an illegal commerce of a mislabeled, misbranded device. Smedley has now done her time, and is releasing a book that tells the real story of the underground butt injection world.

The Backside of the Story: My Journey into the Black Market Butt Injection Scandal‘ fuses an auto-biography with soothing words for the soul for anyone worried about their body image and sex appeal. This most unique literary project is the first of its kind to pull down the panties and expose the bare skin on a fascinating obsession for millions.

backside of the story

The Backside of the Story is exactly what it is, an epic story told from the point of view of Kimberly Smedley, a woman who has traveled along the hidden paths of the BUTT INJECTION underworld. No stone is left unturned as she exposes the dark side of the roads taken to construct larger derrieres and hips. Smedley knows firsthand how the lure of acquiring a beautiful backside attracts people from all walks of life. From those who just want to look nicer in their jeans, to strippers wanting to step up their game. Even celebrities, as well as blue and white collar workers, and hardworking housewives have fallen prey to the ‘big booty’ craze. The Backside of the Story discloses the outrageous lengths that people are willing to go in order to alter their appearance.

“Aside from being an attempt to clear my name, this book offers a dramatic exposé’ into what lures women to undergo such drastic measures to alter their bodies,” explains Smedley. “Perhaps the media were an influence to these women, or the people in their love lives but – either way – hundreds were willing to lay down and allow me to inject silicone into their butts. Of course, this procedure stood for far more than just cosmetic beauty.”

Continuing, “That’s the other side of my book; an almost self-help section that examines self-love, self-image, cosmetic desires and the weaknesses of the human condition that lead both men and women to literally do whatever it takes for that perfect body. My experience has shown that these weaknesses can easily be turned into organic confidence and self-esteem. I’ve had to make that transition myself and, by reading my story, anyone can achieve the same.”

Smedley also uses her book as opportunity to clear up mass confusion and misconstrued information surrounding her high-profile court case.

“I wasn’t out to intentionally commit a crime, but rather provide a solution to women seeking relief from the issues I mention above. The problem was that the media only wanted to force their version of events on the public. I can guarantee that things were not 10% as bad as the media made out, so read my story and discover for yourself how this mysterious and often outrageous cosmetic underworld only had everyone’s best interests at heart,” she adds.

‘The Backside of the Story: My Journey into the Black Market Butt Injection Scandal’, published by Daybrand Publications, is available now:

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