sherri shepherd & lamar sally

*Lamar Sally is definitely milking his 15 minutes of fame for all it’s worth.

The TV writer-producer, who divorced his ex-wife Sherri Shepherd, is spilling more details about their three-month-year-old surrogate son as he opened up Monday during an episode of “Inside Edition.” Among the details revealed was an alleged settled offered by Shepherd as well as a “facial recognition” program the former couple used to choose their surrogate. According to Sally, the program was selected as part of an effort to find a donor who resembled Shepherd.

“She offered me a settlement of $150,000, but it was not to have her name on the birth certificate. I can’t do that to my son,” the 44-year-old single dad told “Inside Edition” before denying reports that he’s a “gold digger.” “There’s no amount of money to ease my worry about my son. If she would just do the right thing and we co-parent… That’s all I want.”

Sally’s interview follows Shepherd’s appearance on “The Queen Latifah Show” less than a week ago. During the show, the former “The View” co-host shared how she’s dealing with life after marriage.

“As long as you can get up and stand up, it’s another chance to get things right. And I’m doing really well,” Shepherd admitted. “Now if he (Lamar Sally) would stop talking about it in public I would be doing better. But I’m doing great. I’m moving. I’m grooving. Everything is good.”

To see Sally’s “Inside Edition” interview, check out the video below: