*”Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star, Lil Fizz‘s ex and mother of his son, Moniece Slaughter, opened up to VH1 about her love life and how she was involved in a lesbian relationship.

Slaughter has a sex toy business, but it turns out she doesn’t use them herself. But she came out with the line of toys because it’s a money-making machine, an idea that came to her during a period of self-discovery.

Dildos gross like four billion dollars in the United States, every year alone, so that’s a lot. I have several projects that I’m working on,” she said. “So I just came up with the idea because there was a time that I thought I was lesbian.”

She had a girlfriend for a short period of time when she thought she could be a lesbian — giving her the idea to come up with her own line of toys from these personal experiences.

“Yeah, for like for five months. She lived with me, the whole nine yards. Fizz knows about this whole other phase in my life actually. He has me stored in his phone as like “Rainbow” and all sorts of crazy things.”

She added, “she tried to use toys on me and I felt like I was being taken advantage of and was totally like, this isn’t going to work. I can’t, I just can’t. So that’s how I actually came up with my heating system for the toys.”

As for her sexuality, she realized she’s not a lesbian. She doesn’t plan to explore it on the show. But it’s something she wouldn’t deny experiencing again.

“That’s in the past, it’s not for me. I don’t know, I mean if I meet a hot lesbian, maybe for like a night, sure, I could be like a lesbo for a night. I don’t know.”