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*A biopic of any nature can be a sensitive subject for some, but for Lifetime, who aired “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B” Saturday night, viewers took offense after the network posted several tweets during the airing of the program that are said to have romanticized the illegal relationship between the late singer and singer/producer R. Kelly.

The tweets asked questions like “Is Aaliyah too young to know?” and make statements such as “R. Kelly is almost twice Aaliyah’s age. Is that crazy?” They were deleted from Lifetime’s Twitter account, but was captured by blogs.

Viewers say the tweets were written in bad taste, and responded to them saying, WHY ARE YOU ROMANTICIZING PEDOPHILIA?!” and “With a molester grooming his victim?

Aaliyah secretly married R. Kelly when she was 15 and he, 25, in 1994. The singer lied about her age, claiming she was 18 years old, in order for the marriage to take place. The illegal marriage was annulled in February 1995 by her parents.

The Lifetime biopic’s portrayal of the relationship ends with Aaliyah (Alexandra Shipp) and R. Kelly (Clé Bennett) revealing their marriage to her parents and her father, Michael Haughton (Sterling Jarvis), forces them to end their relationship.

Shipp tells TheWrap that the scene was the most difficult for her to play in the movie.

“I think that was pretty hard. I think it was hard for everyone,” Shipp, 23, said. “To be able to get to that place and get to that emotion where you think someone is keeping you from the one person that’s making you the most happy brings up a lot of emotion. And when it comes to my method, I always try to take things from my own life for the emotion. And so, that was a really hard scene for me.”