We thought you might like an update on Serena Williams.

On Thursday the 33-year-old Compton native took her charms to Paris, the City of Light where she took the opportunity to show her fans a peek-a-boo shot of her cleavage.

Williams, who was voted WTA player of the year for the sixth time earlier this week, decided to take some time off after recently winning her 18th Grand Slam title.

Williams’ Eiffel Tower cleavage picture is a reminder that earlier this month she signed to become the face of Australian bra company, Berlei,.

She seems to be in a great space in her life. Williams recently told Australia’s Daily Telegraph:

“I’m a normal woman – I can get self-conscious. But I think that is just natural for women to feel that way. I have learned to be proud of my curves and to embrace them. It’s important to love who you are and realize that you’re beautiful, no matter what society says.”

serena cleavage