marlon wayans

*Marlon Wayans recently faced criticism and a lawsuit for his use of the n-word — calling an extra, Pierre Daniel, in “A Haunted House 2” that looks like cartoon character Cleveland Brown the word.

According to TMZ, Wayans said the word is a term of endearment. Growing up in NYC, he heard black men and black women use the word (with an “er” or “a” at the end).

But get this, Wayans said he not only calls his black friends the word, he even refers to Jaime Pressly (his white female co-star in “Haunted House”) as an-word.

“Mr. Wayans has addressed me as n**** in the past, and frequently uses it as a term of endearment with his friends and family,” Pressly said.

He calls any and everyone the n-word as a term of endearment. Nevertheless, he has received backlash for calling the extra the word as well using it in the first place.

cleveland brown,

Wayans called the lawsuit ridiculous and he clearly stands by his use of the n-word and calling the Cleveland lookalike — who posed for the photo — the word.