master p

*Master P wasn’t impressed!

In fact, he was disappointment with the collaboration between C-Murder and Lil Boosie.

He’s called their song, “Came 2 Da Can,” something neither one of them need right now.

Read some of his statement below as to why he’s criticizing their collaboration:

“I want to see Lil Boosie get a second chance and take over this Hip Hop game as a Louisiana street artist but getting on that song with C was disappointing. Honestly, the beat was wack and outdated.”

Master P sounds hurt by his brother’s action, saying he always took care of C.

“I’ve always put C and family first. It’s funny when I seen the press conference and Boosie talked about doing a project with C but he said it would be “down the line” because he got “bigger business to do” like take care of his family. And I respect that,” he said.

He continued with:

“But I’ve made C a priority while taking care of all of our families in good and bad times, but he got more love for his friends. My grandfather told me, “If you don’t have a dollar, you don’t got a friend” I told C that you shouldn’t be putting out negative music while you’re fighting a life sentence.”

P calls out C for mistreating his family.

“I taught him the music business, it is sad to hear him talk negative about his family and take advise from people who are in it to just get what they can get from him even while he is incarcerated,” he said.

He continued with:

“I love my brother but at times he can be ungrateful and disrespectful. I didn’t look at the record as being a diss, i thought it was more hilarious, like a comedy then gangsta rap.”

But Boosie stands by his decision to appear on the track.

“We just made some music. It’s straight. He had a record he sent me and I got on it.”

He continued with:

“Before I even went [to jail] I could do 20, 30 songs easy on the stage. So now, with this new catalogue I might do some mixing up. I might be calling the radio station before I go to that city. ‘What y’all want to hear?’ Because I have to give the fans what they want.”

Read Master P’s full statement here: